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Move To Succeed



What is Move To Succeed?

It is Paul and Brian 

It is their passion for life

It is their drive to succeed

It is leading by example

It is taking action

It is embracing an education

It is setting goals

It is constructing a path 

It is taking the next step

It is building a future

It is being and staying healthy

It is finding your strengths

It is connecting with people

It is molding your own life story

It is determination to move forward

Move To Succeed offers many programs as part of its outreach:

  1. Workshops and Presentations
  2. Scholarships
  3. Internships
  4. Benefit Performances 

Paul and Brian’s Story:

Paul and Brian Herman are brothers and professional dancers. Born and raised in the South Bronx, they were brought up in the West Indian culture of their parents and exposed to the multi-cultural flavors of their neighborhood. Their parents instilled in them early the value of an education and through hard work and perseverance, they graduated with university degrees while working part and full time jobs and pursuing their careers as professional dancers. This commitment and drive led them from the local community stages of their youth to performances across the United States, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Noticed for their talent and work ethic, they were mentored by the acclaimed choreographer Tanisha Scott, which opened doors to the commercial industry. They have toured, danced and collaborated with prominent artists including Kat DeLuna, Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Rihanna, Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Eve and Ciara.As leaders in their field, Paul and Brian have committed themselves to inspire the dance community through workshops, master classes, summer camps and national conventions. They founded, manage and mentor a professional dance company (Team Leggoo), established and produce a successful yearly dance convention (The Y.A.R.D.), and are the owners and directors of a 5,000 square foot, state of the art dance studio. Double Up Dance Studio is Fairfield County’s premier center for quality dance and fitness instruction. It offers over 60 classes a week in a wide variety of styles ad hosts workshops with guest choreographers from all over the world. Through school, athletics and dance, Paul and Brian have remained actively engaged in their communities and committed to public service. They believe strongly in their power as educated and successful African American entrepreneurs, to motivate and inspire today’s youth. Their community outreach company, Move To Succeed, offers scholarships in dance (The Gift of Dance Scholarship Program), as well as workshops, presentations internships in a variety of fields and settings. Move To Succeed – “Motivating Through Movement”