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GIFT OF DANCE Scholarship Program


The Gift of Dance Scholarship Program is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions by check for the charitable purposes of Gift of Dance Scholarship Program must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


We believe dance is a powerful means of expression that encourages personal growth across all areas of development. Our program cultivates the development of the whole dancer through the integration of a physical, cognitive, social and emotional curriculum. Gift of Dance supports the achievement and growth of all students, regardless of prior experience, skill level, or learning differences.


Our dancers come from under resourced neighboring communities including Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stratford, where budget cuts, limited means, and a lack of enrichment programs put students at considerable disadvantage.   Many of these students face community pressures which have been shown to lead to learning and behavioral issues.  Through the Gift of Dance Program, our dancers exercise their bodies and challenge their minds while developing social and emotional competence, which are crucial for success at school. Our dancers are exposed to a diverse community who lead purposeful, successful lives.


To train young people in 
the art and discipline of dance
To promote physical health and a healthy lifestyle
To stimulate mental and creative growth
  To encourage social and emotional well being
   To inspire a sense of possibility and potential
   To motivate to set goals and take action
      To empower with strength, confidence and knowledge


Our program was created by Directors Paul and Brian Herman and began with a generous initial donation in June, 2017 from Remi Fischer and her family. This donation funded the program for the first 4 seasons.


About us

The Gift of Dance Scholarship Program provides middle and high school students from under resourced communities an opportunity to take free dance classes with professional dancers in an encouraging, safe, and dynamic environment. Students ages 12 through 18 train in a variety of genres of dance including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Street Jazz, House, Ballet, Musical Theater, Tap, Step and Dancehall, over the course of a 12 week semester. The program is held at Double Up Dance Studio located in Fairfield, Connecticut, owned and operated by Paul and Brian Herman.  The program runs all year.


How to apply

Gift of Dance accepts applications throughout the year.  You may apply anytime.  Submit your application today!



Gift of Dance students


Some of our student dancers participated in the Anti Defamation League benefit event Open Voices: A Show of Unity, held at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT

Whoopi Goldbergh was the headliner at this event which also included a performance by Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos as well as performers from across Connecticut.

The ADL leads the fight against all forms of hate and for over 100 years has used its voice to build mutual respect among communities around the world.

Ms Alicia Robinson, the director of Arts Programming for Bridgeport schools, was in attendance at the event and wrote to us exclaiming “They were AMAZING!” She has become one of our strongest advocates. 

Supreme W.

Gift of Dance was ringside in Peekskill, NY and Mamaroneck, NY to support student dancer Supreme W. Supreme is a senior at Bassick HS in Bridgeport,CT and trains at Pit Underground. He has been competing in boxing and kickboxing for 4 years.

Cycle for Survival 2019
Greenwich, CT

Student dancers Jayda V and Ashlee R jumped at the chance to join Team Leggoo and donate their time to help motivate riders in the Cycle For Survival event at Equinox, Greenwich to benefit rare cancers research. Our dancers helped bring that Double Up vibe to the floor, amping up the amazing energy that flowed through the room full of riders and supporters. It was a full out celebration of love, strength, commitment and determination of thousands of people to honor loved ones, raise money and find a cure.

Ashlee R

Bridgeport, CT
On April 13th Gift of Dance student Ashlee R participated in the DOPE (Don’t Oppress People, Educate!) Pageant. Congratulations Ashlee on receiving 1st Runner Up at the pageant as well as the Miss Photogenic award! DOPE Inc is a youth advocacy organization that aims to educate, empower and transform youth world wide!

The Beat Goes on

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The Beat Goes On: On Sunday, March 31st, Double Up Dance Studio was filled with the joy and energy of people dancing and celebrating to benefit the Gift of Dance Scholarship Program. Hosted by Directors Paul and Brian, our first fundraising event was a huge success, raising thousands of dollars as well as awareness for this great program

Suzanne Petrow

Suzanne is an artist and a long-time friend and supporter of Double Up. She donated her talent and her time to design The Gift of Dance Scholarship logo.


About Suzanne:
I think. I write. I illustrate. I design… I sometimes even rhyme.

I do it all in the name of passion, a passion that drives me… to push the limits, to lead by inspiration, to invent, to evolve, to grow. And after over 11 years I’m still having fun.

I specialize in big picture strategic and creative direction. From concept to design, I’m dedicated to finding fresh, out of the box strategies for whatever task is set before me whether it’s traditional advertising or interactive and emerging technologies.

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Fractured Atlas

The Gift of Dance Scholarship Program is now a fiscally sponsored project able to accept donations through our 501c3 sponsor, Fractured Atlas.



“This dance program has been the best part of my life… this program is where I can be myself…”

Tamikah B

Season III/IV

“I have had such a great experience.”

Janet C

Season III/IV

“…I have become a better dancer, made friends, learned to be confident as a dancer, and be happy, confident and

Bella J

Season III/IV

“ I would be both excited and grateful to participate in another semester of the Gift of Dance Program. Dance
means so much to me, and being a part of this program is opening so many opportunities for me.”

Jayda V

Season II/III/IV

“…I’m able to express my feelings and my thoughts, and all the negativity in the world, just let it go. And I’m
thankful for the Gift of Dance because this has given me an opportunity to advance my dancing and showcase my
gift which I never thought I would be doing.”

Djene S

“The reason I love to dance is because it makes me happy. I can honestly say that if I’m having a super bad
day, all I have to do is dance and it makes everything so much better”

Ty’Ara S

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